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West Bengal

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Neighbour is running sweet factory in the residen

Location :Benachity bazaar, Durgapur, West Bengal |Category : Environment

Mr Sandip Ghosh is running sweet factory in the residential area without any license it is creating lot of noise pollution air pollution water pollution Staying near to the factory is injurious to health and destroying the health and peace of entire locality

124 Days ago|
Views :662|
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Political Reformation in West Bengal

Location :West Bengal |Category : Law reform

Dear fellow mates I hope all of you are aware of the dire situation of West Bengal in the name of Political crime or Political reformation whatever you say I just want to know what are the other people thinking about it and how will you rate this Govt Is it Good Very Good or poor

By :(Identity Hidden)|
2172 Days ago|
Views :2871|
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Baranagar Municipality: Voilation of Building Rul

Location :Baranagar, Baranagar, West Bengal |Category : Corruption

Illegal nexus between Promoter Baranagar Municipality CIC Chairman Councilor Gross violation of Municipality Building rule 2007 by nexus for individual commercial gain http www facebook com pages Protest against corruption of Baranagar Municipality 214762971992493 Promoter with the help of corrupt municipal official building complete additional floor at 2 28 T N Chatterjee Street in

By :Amalesh Saha|
2286 Days ago|
Views :4284|
Comments :8|
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An industrialist attempt on to my sons

Location :Ramrajatala, Howrah, West Bengal |Category : Neighbourhood living

Dear Sir Madam I beg to request to kindly save my sons from that industrialist He attempt on to my son several time The police is also helpless in front of that industrialist Mr Rathin Chatterjee Holding no 132 133 11 Mahendra Bhattacharya Road Because Our area is totally residential area but he build an industry in this area which is in front of my house This industry sped the air n

By :Banhi Kanjilal|
2481 Days ago|
Views :5794|
Comments :0|
|Votes :1

An iron industry denger for our health & our loca

Location :Ramrajatala, Howrah, West Bengal |Category : Business and Industry

Dear Sir Madam This is for your kind information that i beg to inform u that we live in a totally residential area but one industrialist build a in legally 4 stored building along with a in legal industry 132 133 11 131 1 Mahendra Bhattacharya road PO Santragachi P S chatterjeehut Under Shibpur P S in this area which is in front of my house This industry sped the air noise pollution an

By :Banhi Kanjilal|
2481 Days ago|
Views :5585|
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|Votes :1
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